Thursday, November 6, 2014

FAIRY TALE CHRISTMAS by Michael McLean—book review/ #giveaway #amreading #bookreview #books

FAIRY TALE CHRISTMAS—by Michael McLean. This was a fun, quick read that gives a different twist on familiar fairy tale characters. It's fun to be in the point of view of the villian. Children of all ages would love this Christmas read. I highly recommend it to any and everyone of all ages. Just thinking about the story brings a smile to my face.

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Santa Claus has been kidnapped!
Behind the plot are an evil queen, a wicked stepmother, a sorceress, a beanstalk giant, and, of course, the mischievous Rumpelstiltskin. They have a plan that will erase the term "Happily Ever After" from our storybooks forever.
But it's nearly Christmas Eve, and time is running out. Can Santa and the fairy-tale heroes save the day and bring Christmas to all the children of the world? Will anyone have a "Happily Ever After" again?
Fairy Tale Christmas reminds us all that there is good in everyone and that the magic of Christmas can soften any heart.

*A review copy was provided by the publisher, however the opinions are my own.

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