Saturday, November 22, 2014


I was reminded by a dear friend about something from my last post. Often times we are not close enough to overhear what people are saying who are going through hard trials. Distance limits us it what we are able to do. However, it does not limit our ability to pray. She said she prays hard for those individuals that they will have the comfort they need. And she’s right. We should and can pray for those who are struggling.

Looking back on my experience with Lion brings many things into view. I didn’t realize how much we were sustained through those weeks. I felt those prayers that were being sent my way, our way. I felt the comfort and the strength from those prayers. It was an amazing feeling. I can still remember the day that extra help was lifted. It was a noticable difference in not only the air around me but in the feelings I had. It was almost like I was being set down after being carried for awhile. The added warmth wasn’t there but I still felt the comfort.

I can testify to the strength and blessings that are given to those we pray for. And it’s not only saying a prayer but asking for specific things. Bless so and so with the added strength and comfort they need at this time has an added power than a general bless so and so. Or being able to not only ask for a specific person but for a specific purpose. Bless so and so who is struggling with this . . . or something like that. There is an added blessing and power to specific prayers. People feel them. They are a strength. They lift and bless those lives. It’s an amazing thing that the Lord has given us.

Last week I said I’d begin sharing some of the doctrine Hubby found comforting while researching what the apostles and prophets have taught about the plan of salvation and infant deaths. Well, due to the fact that I was asked to speak in church and the holidays that have snuck up on me (please tell me I’m not the only one that feels like they came early and yet late at the same time), I’m not prepared to share those yet. So forgive me and hang in there. They are coming.

I’ll end with some gratitude, since it is the season. :)

  • I am incredible grateful for the power of prayer, and not only prayer but specific prayers.
  • I am grateful for good friends and family who continually teach me, stretch me, and help me to grow.
  • I am grateful for the love, guidance, and support of a loving Father in Heaven and Savior.
  • I am grateful for this beautiful world.
  • I am grateful for how precious life is.
  • I am grateful for the many opportunities life has given me.
  • I am grateful for laughter.

My list of gratitude will get longer, but for now . . . what are some things you are grateful for?

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