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Grand Prize winner of Beginning of Book Contest @ 2012 ANWA Conference
2nd Place in mystery/suspense category @ 2012 LDStorymakers Conference

Some family legacies are lethal.

When a police officer informs seventeen-year-old Georgie her dad has been killed in a car accident, she chokes back a laugh and shuts the door. This isn’t the first time her only parent has “played dead.” But this time, things are different. Her dad has disappeared for real, forcing her to use the unusual training he’s drilled into her since she was little.

A death threat by one of her dad’s kidnappers, leads to dodging bullets, and a car chase. In the midst of it all, Georgie’s best friend Jake, who she secretly has a crush on, insists on tagging along. Together, they traipse around the world to find the key that will unlock a family secret and save her dad. In the process of keeping herself and Jake from getting killed, she discovers a mysterious young man following them, who begins to make her heart flutter as well. However, the closer she gets to her dad, the more she wonders which boy is on her side and which one wants her dead.

2nd Place in the YA category of the Beginning of Book Contest @ 2014 ANWA Conference
1st Place in the mystery/suspense category @ 2014 LDStorymakers Conference


ANYA'S TREK (Almost complete)

THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER (Christmas novella)

BROKEN HANDS (Working Title—WIP)