Wednesday, January 3, 2018


POTION MASTERS: THE ETERNITY ELIXIR by Frank C Cole. I love books that create a curiosity  about other books the author has written. This middle-grade fantasy did just that. Gordy, Max and Adeline make a great team in a new world where potion masters aide our everyday technology. But watch out for those who misuse those potions. Gordy and his team might grow a third limb or make it so rats love you in order to defend themselves.

This is a fantastic read that anyone will love, especially youngsters that love fantasy. I enjoyed every page. Not only will I now look into other books by this author, but I will be reading this with my boys. I highly recommend it.

:) :) :) :) :)

Twelve-year-old Gordy Stitser is one of the few people who knows the truth about the secret society of potion masters, because not only is Gordy's mom on the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide (B.R.E.W.), but she has also been training Gordy in the art of potion-making.
Gordy is a natural, and every day he sneaks down to the basement lab to invent new potions using exotic ingredients like fire ant eggs, porcupine quills, and Bosnian tickling juice.
One afternoon, Gordy receives a mysterious package containing an extremely rare potion known as "The Eternity Elixir." In the right hands, the Elixir continues to protect society. But in the wrong hands, ti could destroy the world as we know it.
Now, sinister potion masters are on the hunt to steal the Eternity Elixir. It's up to Gordy, his parents, and his best friends, Max and Adeline, to prevent an all-out potion war.