Thursday, July 9, 2020


THE NOBLE SMUGGLER by Sian Ann Bessey. This was a fun romance to read. It is sent on the coastline where smuggling was the way of life. It shows what some good people do in order to bring down the wicked, reminding me a lot of current day undercover police officers, albeit untrained in this story, and how far people will go to get the justice they feel is deserved. I enjoyed the historical people sprinkled into the story, and I loved Elizabeth and Jonas. How their stories intertwined was beautifully done. I would highly recommend this book to any and everyone who loves a good historical story with romance throughout.

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Despite living at her father's inn her entire life, Elizabeth Doyle has always managed to avoid involvement with the smugglers who frequently gather there. Until now. When a handsome smuggler is brought to her with dire injuries, Elizabeth risks everything to hide him—completely unaware that the wounded man is not who he appears to be.

When an opportunity arises to infiltrate the notorious smuggling gang he believes caused his father's death, Jonas Ainsworth, the Viscount Langton, pretends to be one of them. But when he is wounded mid-charade, Jonas's life is placed in the hands of an unlikely savior: a smuggler's daughter. Forced to flee before his wounds have fully healed, he does not think he will ever see her again—until she appears on his doorstep, seeking safe haven. Divided by their social standings yet united in their mutual desire to expose the leader of the smuggling ring, Jonas and Elizabeth are undeniably drawn to each other. Neither realizes, however, that they are dangerously close to uncovering explosive secrets from the past—secrets that will alter the course of their lives forever.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

A CHANGE IN FORTUNE by Traci Hunter Abramson

A CHANGE IN FORTUNE by Traci Hunter Abramson. It's hard for me not to enjoy any book written by Traci, and this one was no exception. I love the portrayal of someone not corrupted by the sudden abundance of wealth. I love seeing so clearly Brooke's circumstance before and after. I related to and felt for Brooke and the trials she was going through. Jason was the perfect friend, and I loved how well they worked together. The tug and pull of the ups and downs in their relationship were well written and I was truly invested in their outcome. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great story.

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Law student Brooke Sherman leads an enviable life, with an impressive education, a prestigious internship, and an ambitious boyfriend who any girl on campus would love to date. But one phone call shatters everything: her father, the optimistic man who insists on buying lottery tickets and dreaming big, has terminal cancer. Desperate to get home and predictably unable to rely on her boyfriend, Brooke finds an unlikely hero in the form of her classmate.

Jason Ramsey has had a crush on his study partner Brooke for months, but he’d never encroach on someone else’s girlfriend—even if the guy doesn’t treat her the way she deserves. But when he learns of Brooke’s father’s diagnosis, Jason steps up to help however he can. In the weeks and months following, Jason is Brooke’s rock, and after Brooke’s breakup, Jason becomes much more than just a friend. But even as they plan for a future together, things get complicated: Brooke’s father had a dying wish, that his daughter buy one last lottery ticket. She never dreamed that fulfilling that wish would jeopardize a future with the man she loves.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020



This really was an interesting book. It gives further insight into the Book of Mormon and some of the people within. It is infused with scriptures from the Book of Mormon to show what is being taught. It is filled humor along the way that makes what could be a heavy, serious topic, an easier read. It is something I will go back to from time to time. I would recommend it to anyone who would like some further insight into this wonderful book.

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This is the beginning of a little series that I’ve been working on for a long time that I’m calling: “The Eleven Things” series. This is the first one called: Eleven Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Book of Mormon. I’ve found over nearly 20 years of teaching adult and young adult institute that many miss the hidden gems in the scriptures. They miss the details and many of the “ah-ha moments” that are densely packed into Holy Writ.

You will love this book.  It is a fun read. You'll have lots of ah-ha moments.  It will excite you to learn even more about the incomparable Book of Mormon.  You will learn things you've just never known before.

Generally, if you are purchasing this eBook, you’re a self-selected student of the scriptures and likely seasoned in the scriptures, or you’re a curious student of the gospel who just thirsts for learning and wants to know more, or you unabashedly have a high degree of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) so you want to be sure you are up to date on things you didn’t know.

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Friday, June 26, 2020


PILLAR OF LIGHT by Andrew Knaupp and Sal Velluto. The depiction of The First Vision is different from anything I've ever seen. It reads like a comic book. The pictures are beautiful and create added emotion to the words of Joseph Smith. I can see how it would attract and maintain the interest of those who have a harder time reading just words. I enjoyed it for the most part. I am curious what other people think of it as well. Let me know your thoughts and be sure to participate in the Rafflecopter giveaway.

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In honor of the 200th anniversary of the First Vision, Andrew Knaupp and Sal Velluto, have created a graphic novel adaption of Joseph Smith’s First Vision. “Pillar of Light” teaches youth through a talented blend of imagery and words. Their goal is to inspire young readers to build their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith and provide insights for receiving their own personal revelation. Details from all four wondrous accounts written by Joseph Smith as well as from those who heard him tell his firsthand experience are captivatingly blended together.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

FINDING JACK by Melanie Jacobson

FINDING JACK by Melanie Jacobson. This 2019 Whitney Award winning book was such a wonderful read. It deserved the award, hands down. I loved Emily and Jack. I loved the way their relationship began, as I think many relationship begin these days. I loved the give and the take, and the lessons learned on both sides. Life is hard for everyone, and until we take the time to try to understand, we may be speaking out of line. I highly recommend this book to any and every romantic out there. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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When smart, practical Emily finds herself in the crosshairs of an Internet prankster, her orderly world goes topsy-turvy. Instead of getting mad at the handsome stranger behind the joke, she finds herself drawn to him. But Jack Dobson, though hilarious and thoughtful, has a lot of secrets. Despite her growing feelings for her new and unexpected long-distance friend, his biggest secret of all might be the one that breaks the spell they've been weaving around each other.

Monday, June 22, 2020



I have to say that I've been surprised with Living Scriptures. I wasn't sure there would be a lot for my family on it, but my kids have always found something they like. My 2 year old currently loves ANIMAL MECHANICALS on Living Scriptures. My 5 year old is enjoying a series that I believe is called SIGNING TIME. He's always shown an interest in sign language and this has made it easier to help him learn that language. My 9 year old has loved the COME FOLLOW ME shorts that have been there every week. And as an added bonus, we've found several family movies that we've watched together, knowing they were clean and appropriate for everyone of all ages. Some of those movies were, LOVE KENNEDY, OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN 2, ULTIMATE GIFT, and several others. Check it out and see if it's a fit for your family.

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

HIS LADY IN HIDING by Jen Geigle Johnson

HIS LADY IN HIDING by Jen Geigle Johnson. What a fascinating read. It is set in the time after the Civil War and very clearly showed the struggle not only for freed slaves but for the Americans with the title English migrating to the United States. It was fascinating to me to see those differences and remember that racial and class struggles have been around for a really long time. I loved Lady Elizabeth and how she grew as a person and how Lord Barton complimented that growth in every way. I love seeing characters grow for the better and overcome obstacles. And, of course, the romantic aspect fit very nicely into the story. I would highly recommend it to any and everyone.

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Lady Elizabeth Davenport is desperate. Her hand in marriage has been offered to the highest bidder, a distressing proposition in and of itself but made all the more repulsive when she meets her father's first choice for her hand: Lord Pinweather. When her parents refuse to hear her pleas Liz is forced to take drastic measures—she will impersonate her maid and begin anew in America on her own terms.

Once Liz is on board the ship to America, another passenger, Lord Barton, almost immediately discovers her true status as a noble. After listening to Liz's highly modified version of her life and her plans to begin again, Barton has compassion on her and teaches her how to abandon her noble mannerisms. Upon Disembarking, however, Barton's generous spirit quickly dampens when he discovers Liz has indeed found work—as his own head housekeeper. Suddenly, the tender feelings they hid from each other on the ship are inescapable, but their difference in station makes romance impossible. As misunderstandings abound and a shocking character from Liz's past looms, she knows she can't hide her true identity forever. But as her deception begins to unravel, will her charade cost her the man she loves?