Monday, December 23, 2019

POTION MASTERS: SEEKING SERUM by Frank Cole #shadowmountainpublishing #bookreview #bhbookreview

POTION MASTERS: SEEKING SERUM by Frank Cole. This is a fantastic conclusion to the POTION MASTERS series, although, I secretly hope that there will be more from the same characters. My heart jumped, dropped, pounded, and ached throughout the entire book. The twists, turns, trials, and triumphs keep me turning the pages. It is such a fun adventure that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves magic, potions, adventure, and hereoism. It is a great way to start of the year with an explosion.

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Mezzarix has stolen the Vessel, the source of power for all potion masters, and is preparing to launch his final attack on the potion-making community—which includes his own family.
Gordy and his family have gone into hiding, but when his mom uncovers some new information, she takes Gordy into the underground network known as the Swigs, a haven for renegade potion masters and black-market potions, to secure support in the fight against Mezzarix. But when Scourges, rebel potion makers acting on orders from Mezzarix, attack the Swigs, Gordy barely escapes with his life and is forced to leave his family behind.
As the fight intensifies between B.R.E.W and the Scourges, it falls to Gordy and his friends—Max, Sasha, and Adilene—to locate Mezzarix's hidden headquarters, retrieve the Vessel, save the world, and unite the potion-making community.
The world of Potion Masters is full of fantasy and adventure as Gordy and his friends learn the power of friendship and loyalty, and to trust in their own individual talents.