I'm beginning to think I'm a cat, except my lives don't end in death. Instead they add to each other.

My first life is a musician. During this time I earned a Master's Degree in Cello Performance from the University of Utah. (My Bachelor's is from Arizona State University). This also included starting to teach cello privately (out of my home and a studio in Chandler), something that continues to this day. Somewhere in the mix of this I began selling Mary Kay. I haven't decided whether or not this constitutes a new life or not.

Life number two came about as I did a post-bach and received my teaching certificate in Elementary Education while working at the University of Utah Institute of Religion in Salt Lake City, Utah. I then moved back to Arizona and taught kindergarten for three years full time in two different districts.

During life number two, my third life crept up on me and I got married to my wonderful husband who puts up with me and my many lives. So life number three is a wife.

After I stopped teaching due to what Arizona is doing with education, my fourth life developed--a writer. I have completed several young adult novels (Superstitious DestinyEncoded Secrets, The Black Orchid (in progress), Anya's Trek (in progress) and ideas for more) and am working one the long process of getting published. That's a journey in itself.

Now life five has taken over. Our little boy came into the world rearing to go. So adding him to our mix of pets--8 chickens, 2 hermit crabs, fish tanks, 2 birds (Kumba-an African Gray; Crash-a Miniature Macaw), Digger-an African Desert Tortoise, and Honey-a Rhodesian Ridgeback--has been fun.

Our second son joined our family (after Crash and the hermit crabs passed away). He surprised us with all sorts of things. Ultimately, he was diagnosed with Trisomy 13. He stayed with us for 8 precious days then went home. We love and miss him dearly.

Our third son was born and has been the perfect addition, minus the fact that he doesn't like to sleep. We love him and have so much fun watching him learn and grow.

You could say my six life has developed also. I am now training in Jui Jitsu and loving it. It's amazing what it has done for not only my body but my self-confidence and the mental challenge it provides. It is a whole new world that I am loving getting to dive into.

Life sure is a journey and I'm hoping that once I get to 9 lives that doesn't mean I'm dead! We'll have to see what life brings.