Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a thought

I keep thinking I'm going to spread out my posts but that just isn't happening very well. We had a interesting experience this weekend that I thought I'd share. Sunday night we were taking our dog Honey for a walk. She saw another dog and took off after it before we could reign her in (being 90 lbs and pretty big makes it hard to combat her if she decides she wants something). Well of course a truck would be speeding down the street when she decides to take off and she gets hit. It freaked me out, major trauma issues all around. But the sad thing was the driver didn't stop. He put on his brakes but he didn't stop.

After we got her to the animal hospital we were told to call the police to file a report because it was a hit and run. There were a total of eight people who saw the accident including two little girls. So we called the police to file a report since we found the truck and it happens to be about five houses away from us.

The really sad thing is we were told no law was broken and there was nothing they could do. So apparently it's alright to hit a person's dog with the owner standing there and nothing can be done. We were basically told that we would have to be holding onto the leash when the dog was hit in order for something to be done.

Moral of the story . . . if your dog gets hit by a car, make sure you're holding onto the leash. I just think it's really sad. We didn't expect much but it would have been nice to have the driver at least acknowledge that they had hit something, maybe offer to help a little, an apology? Is that too much to ask?

Our dog is miraculously doing great right now, all she wants to do is play. Me, my husband and my dad all thought she was dead right after the accident. It's a miracle she's alive. I'll take the stitches and cuts over broken bones and a broken heart. I am so grateful she's alive, but it still makes me sad that the driver didn't at least stop.


  1. I am so sad to hear that Honey was hurt. I understand how you feel. I had a cat that was honestly half-eaten by a neighbor's rottweiler. The police and animal control declared that since the fence was not "modern" i.e not brick, it was really our fault. And even on trespassing ground they stated that since our cat was not on a leash in our backyard, she probably incited the dog to jump the fence and enter our space. Our story did not end well. We had to have her put down, since she was suffering being half eaten and all :( I am glad that Honey is doing better. Mom was the one to let us know. I hope you are doing alright with the high emotions and everything. Maybe your next book should be about a little girl who seeks justice for all the hit and run animal victims :)

  2. Bonnie, how is Honey doing now? I had no idea. I hope she is well and you are emotionally recovering. Loves