Monday, March 8, 2010

ANWA Conference-Aprilynne Pike

The Road is Paved With Golden Rejects. I learned so much about Aprilynne as a person and her road to being published. I have to admit that knowing what I know about her I was skeptical about her. She had everything in place to be successful and I figured that it was just a golden road for her. That was not true.

Yes, she had the road paved for her but it wasn't an easy for her. 180 rejections later she is where she is. That really surprised me. I loved getting to know Aprilynne and listen to what she had to say.

Her class started with a tiered set of phrases from "I'm the world's best author" down to "I am the scum of the earth." She talked about her road down this tier, what it taught her, and where she was with each of her books that are currently getting published.

There were four things that stood out to me. 1) Don't buy into your own press. 2) Always be ready to write a new book. The worst thing that can happen is you sell one. 3) Rejections are good for you because they teach you to be humble. 4) Take responsibility for your own work and your own edits.

In other words, don't be afraid to work, be teachable, there's always someone who knows more than you do and take responsibility for yourself. I really appreciate what was said and how it gave me hope. Thank you Aprilynne!

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