Saturday, March 28, 2015

CONFESSIONS OF A MOM #51actsofkindness

I had a couple of friends comment on last weeks post about the question, "How are you?" Both referred to Germany and how they don't use that phrase over there. They only say things like, "Good morning," or "hi." The only time they use, "How are you?" is when the person asking is willing to take the time to truly find out.

The couple of times I've been to Europe I've noticed similar things. Although I love my country, I do have to admit that Europeans have learned how to enjoy life. They are running around crazy busy all the time like it feels we do here in America. They take the time that's needed for different things. I believe we can learn from that. We do need to slow down and enjoy life. Enjoy this wonderful journey we're on. Enjoy the ride.

Tigger, for whatever reason, started talking about someone breaking into our house and taking him one time when he was a baby today. Considering this is one of my worst fears it made my heart rate skyrocket as I'm trying to respond and listen to him without letting my emotions get the best of me.

Now I know that for the most part he didn't really understand what he was saying at this point in time, but it scared me nonetheless. It gave me that little reminder to enjoy life. I wanted to just snuggle up with my kids and hold on tight. I want them to know how much I love and treasure them. Unfortunately we never know what is around the corner. It's so important to cherish every little moment that we have.

I also read of a friend of a friend who lost their battle with cancer—someone with little kids. My heart breaks for the family. Cherish every moment you have. Teach our little ones how to look for opportunities to be kind to one another. Teach them how to serve. Tigger brushed rocks back into our yard this week. Not a big deal, but you never know when it could be a big deal to someone else.

I guess my point is you just never know. Hold your little ones. Tell them you love them. Spend the time with them (even if your dishes and laundry pile up). Look for those little acts of kindness that might lift some one's burden. Accept those same acts of kindness. Together we can make our world a little bit brighter, a little bit kinder. Look for those opportunities and lets get our kindness on!

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