Saturday, March 14, 2015

CONFESSIONS OF A MOM— #51actsofkindness

Do you ever have that moment when you realize you've totally overbooked yourself, your house looks like a tornado went off, and you're so tired you fall asleep after sitting for only a couple of minutes? Yeah, well, that was my week. Bear actually slept a little bit better thanks to some tender mercies from The Lord and a biocranial doctor visit. (If you want me to go into more details on that, I will another time.) I don't think my body was use to getting more than two hours of sleep because I've almost been more tired than I should be. :)

Anyway, I've thought of several other things I will eventually post about (when I can keep my eyes open for a little longer) but I've also been feeling like I haven't been able to be completely honest here lately because I haven't wanted anyone to get offended or feel bad. You know I don't use names but those who are involved in different situations obviously know who I'm talking about. It's made me have very mixed feelings about this series of posts.

The whole reason I began these was to be honest and to possible, hopefully help others who are going through similar situations know they aren't alone. I feel that in order to do that I need to be completely honest, but I don't ever want anyone to feel bad or get offended by what I say. That is not my intention at all.

So, this is my disclaimer I guess you can say. I'm going to go back (not that I have ever lied or been dishonest with what I've said, I've just not posted about some things) to sharing what I'm feeling and going through at the moment.

If you happen to figure out that I'm talking about a situation you're involved in, Please, Please, Please, don't feel bad or take offense to the things I say. That is the farther thing from my heart. I'm just trying to share the emotional ups and downs that go with life, in particular the loss of a loved one—in my case a child.

I hope this post is finding everyone a bit happier than before. I hope you're brainstorming ideas of ways to spread little acts of kindness. I know I've been more aware and tried to help those that I can. It has truly made my day a little lighter. :)

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