Saturday, August 9, 2014


I thought for sure I’d be sharing pictures of our new little one today, but alas . . . I’m not. Apparently he’s too comfortable at the moment. :) Hopefully next time I will be posting pictures.

I’ve had several things happen this week. Some of have caught me off guard and others I have learned from. There are two that stand out though.

On Sunday, we decided to try an experiment as a family. The noise level in our house has just gotten extremely high. I’m sure the animals have nothing to do with it . . . ha, ha. Tigger seems to be ignoring both Hubby and I a lot and I haven’t been able to tell if he truly can’t hear us or if he’s choosing to ignore us. So to get his attention, both of us have raised our voices. Hence the noise level in our home.

I’m not sure where the idea came from, but we discussed as a family that we would talk more quietly in general. We wouldn’t raise our voices and we would speak to each other more softly. If we didn’t hear the other person then we would politely ask them to repeat what they said.

And so the experiment began.

It took a couple days of reminding each other to speak more quietly, but I’ve been amazed at how the week has gone for me. I’ve been able to stay calm. Tigger has responded more quickly. I haven’t gotten as frustrated with him or other things. In general, my stress level has gone down. It’s been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the calmer atmosphere that has begun to permeate our home. So I would have to say that the experiment has been a success and we’ll continue working on it.

The second thing happened while I was going through boxes for the new baby. We got the pack and play set up in our room with the little bassinet. That brought back memories of doing the same for Lion the day he was born. I pulled out the bottles and clothes and other things that will be needed hopefully next week. Well, as those things came out and I saw things that were specifically for Lion, I found myself almost blindsided by the emotions that overwhelmed me. I wasn’t prepared for that.

Now, I’m doing my best to not let all the negative emotions consume me. I’m trying not to stress over the fact that last time I was in the hospital was with Lion. I’m trying not to think about all the things that could still go wrong. I’m trying not to listen to all the “what if’s” that fly through my mind.

Then as I’m trying to get those under control I begin to doubt my ability to really handle two children. I’m not sure I remember how to take care of a baby. I haven’t slept in so long am I going to make a mistake? What if I do something wrong? You know, all those questions that seem to fly through most women’s mind.

It’s just been interesting to sift through all those emotions again. So here’s to keeping a soft voice, a more peaceful home (hopefully), and to a new baby that I hope to be sharing with you next week.!

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