Saturday, August 2, 2014


Since this week has been challenging in many different ways, I’ve decided to not end on a downer. Instead, here are many things that I am grateful for.

I’m extremely grateful for Hubby, his willingness to work and support our family.

I’m grateful that I don’t have to work, that I have the opportunity to stay home and if I do decide to work it’s for my sanity not out of necessity.

I’m grateful for children, Tigger and Lion and the new little guy. (Hubby says his nickname should be Bear, but I’m waiting to make judgement until I meet him.) I am grateful for the patience Tigger is teaching me. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help and watch him grow. I’m grateful for Lion and the time we had him and what he taught us in that short amount of time. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a new little one join our family (hopefully sooner rather than later).

I’m grateful for my home. For some reason I’ve been into watching home renovation shows and things along those lines. It’s always interesting to watch but at the end of the day, I love my home. I love everything about it. And I’m grateful that we have a house to come home to.

I’m grateful that when we’re hungry we can go to the fridge, freezer, and/or pantry to get something to eat, even though I’m not a huge fan of food/eating. :)

I’m grateful to have family so close. I’m grateful for their influence on my kids, their willingness and ability to help, the examples they are to my and Hubby as well as our kids. We are very blessed to have them by us.

I’m grateful for the friends we have. They have helped us in so many ways. We are very blessed to have such wonderful friends and neighbors surrounding us.

This is a very short list, but it has also reminded me of what I have. Over the past week I’ve also learned of some other people’s trials and it has made me even more grateful for what I have. Everyone has trials. Everyone has issues and in a way it makes me even more thankful for the trials and issues we are learning from.

So, no matter what you’re going through, things can always be worse. If it doesn’t feel like it can be worse, take a moment to review what you have and what you’re grateful for. It has really helped me this week. :)

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