Saturday, August 23, 2014


My emotions have been very much on the surface this week. Whether it’s hormones, lack of sleep, memories, whatever it is it’s been interesting to look back on. I’ve found that I’m a little overly worried on things. Every doctor that has looked at Bear has said he’s perfect, but I still worry. 

It’s been fun to see Tigger interact with Bear though. He’s so excited. “When’s he going to get big, Mom?” “When’s he going to walk? We can help him do it.” It’s so sweet to see Tigger’s enthusiasm. It’s also been neat to see how much he cares. 

We went to the doctor’s this week and Bear got newborn blood screening done. (I can’t remember what it is called.) Of course Bear cried and cried. It brought Tigger almost to tears. “I don’t want them to take his blood anymore. I don’t want him to cry. Let’s sing him a song.” So we did. Tigger rubbed Bear’s leg and we sang I AM A CHILD OF GOD. Now anytime Bear cries, Tigger is the first to run in, take his hand and remind us to sing him a song. What a good brother.

Along with that, it’s been interesting to see what has triggered different memories of Lion. Anything from a piece of clothing Lion wore or the spitting up or singing songs. I’ve had sweet moments when all my boys have been asleep in my room and I sit there and smile wishing Lion was there, knowing that he might possible sitting by me.

I am very blessed though. I have three wonderful boys and a fabulous Hubby. We have a roof over our heads, food to eat and family who is right by. We have wonderful neighbors and friends and I’m just very blessed. So minus the fact that we’ve been mixing up everyone’s names and looking for pictures thinking I didn't have any of Lion because all three boys look so much alike, it’s been a wonderful, sleep deprived week. And this is something you will never hear me say again, but I am very grateful for the little sleep that I have gotten this week. Never in my life did I think I’d be grateful for three hours of sleep. :)

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