Saturday, March 29, 2014


I don’t like food. This subject came up again recently and I figured it would be a good topic. Don’t get me wrong with. I appreciate good food. I appreciate the time and talent it takes to create good food. I appreciate the social aspect of eating, but if I didn’t have to eat, I wouldn’t.

This may be a shock to the majority of people and I can see why. But I’ve been this way for most of my life. In fact, if my mom hadn’t packed me a lunch in college, I wouldn’t have eaten. It’s just not something that registers for me or that I necessarily enjoy. It’s one of those necessary evils in my opinion.

Now there are many reasons I would happily give up food. First off, it takes too much time. Between the preparation and eating alone, one could easily spend an hour and a half. Then adding clean up to that and there’s about two hours. Of course if you do something quick, i.e. something from a box, a bowl of cereal, a sandwich, the time involved changes. I understand that. Personally, that is what I do a lot of. But when you get into making things from scratch and stuff like that . . . well it takes time. Time that I would rather spend doing something else.

That’s probably the biggest reason I would do without food. Since I’ve been married, Hubby, who says he’s not a picky with food but really is, has helped me develop a greater appreciation for food. That still hasn’t changed my opinion of eating, however, if I had to choose between hiring a cook or a maid . . . I would now choose a cook. For me, that’s a step I’d say.

So I guess with this confession out of the way, I should ask what do you enjoy about eating? What is your favorite food? What is something you would suggest for me to try that might help me convince or help convince me that eating isn’t just a waste of time (minus the wonderful visiting aspect a good meal and company provides. :)?


  1. I remember this about you. :) Someone asked me recently what my favorite food is, and I couldn't tell them. There are way too many foods I like. But the one thing I could eat pretty much any time, regardless of hunger (or not), is potato chips. Like salty manna from heaven.

  2. That must be why you are so skinny and I'm ... well not. I love good food. I think part of it is the good overall feeling I get from enjoying a meal with family and/or friends. Growing up cooking was always a family event. Mom and Dad never officially took that job so all were involved, male and female. My favorite childhood memories almost always involve cooking and/or eating with people I love and care about. Even cleaning up could be fun when everyone pitched in (although I can't seem to get the same enthusiasm for that at my house now). With that said my favorite meals are easy, throw togethers that don't take long. I love anything Mexican and have found a wonderful refried bean recipe in the crockpot that is awesome and so easy. (I can share if you want it) Plus just about everything is better with garlic. I was giving cooking lessons to my bil while he lived with his and came to call the large jar of minced garlic 'Mary's garlic' I add it to just about everything, vegetables, casseroles, meat. It makes it all good.

  3. Thanks, Wendy and Mary! Love you both. :)