Saturday, December 27, 2014


At the end of the year I put together our family scrapbook. It brings back lots of memories throughout not only this year but years past as well. I ran across several videos I hadn’t seen in a long time of Tigger at various stages. One was when he was beginning to walk. Another was him laughing at something. Another was him talking. It’s made me realize just how much he’s grown up. I can’t believe it. Where did my little boy go? He’s not so little anymore and I know he’ll just keep growing. It’s an interesting emotion.

Hubby also puts together a video at the end of each year. As I watched Bear’s video I’m amazed at how much he’s already grown. As slow as time seems to be going, I can’t believe how fast it’s flying by.

It’s fun to see how much we’ve accomplished and the smiles on everyone’s faces throughout the year. Hopefully, Tigger and Bear will appreciate these books later on in life. I know Tigger gets a kick out of them now. I also hope that the books we put together of Lion will help them to remember their brother.

The end of the year also brings into the forefront goals and things to work on for the next year. I’m not ready to look at this year’s list because I know there were several things that just didn’t happen. However, I look at everything that has happened and I’m pretty sure it’s an even trade.

So as you look toward 2015 keep in mind that goals change, take lots of pictures to help remember the smiles and laughter that is around, shoot high but don’t stress if you don’t quite make it, and remember to enjoy the journey. Life is good, even with the ups and downs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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