Saturday, December 13, 2014


I've been trying to find things throughout the week that I consider beautiful. I've been taking pictures of those things with the intent to share them here. I found several things this week thinking I've have a stock pile but as I sit to write this post, my mind is a complete blank.

This time of year always seems to be overwhelming for most people. (I think that's safe to say.) Whether it's by our own doing, (saying yes to everything rather than saying no. Trying to do too much. You know, that sort of thing) because of the loss of someone special, (the holidays always make those losses feel more accute), or the simple fact that it's a busy time of year, it has most people running around like a chicken or an elf or whatever creature you want to place here, with their head cut off.

So in light of trying to remember the real reason we celebrate this season and for trying to slow down enough to enjoy those beautiful, little moments, I'm going to share all of the photos I took this week. (I thought I took more than 2 but oh well. These are from our citrus trees in the back.)

Merry Christmas. Hang In There. Treasure the Little Things. :)

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