Saturday, January 25, 2014


“Sleep is highly overrated.” That was my phrase growing up. I thrived on burning the candle at both ends. I truly believed that sleep was overrated. In fact if we happened to lose the need for sleeping and eating I would not be heartbroken. People who have known for many years will confirm this to be a fact.

Well, over the last few weeks I have learned the value of sleep. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and don’t have the energy I used to. Or maybe it’s because Hubby and I haven’t slept well in quite a while. Or it could be a combination of both. Who knows. I am just greatly appreciating a good night’s sleep, which is hard to come by for most of us.

It’s been very interesting how I’ve noticed that when I’m in pain, i.e. headaches and such, that often times it’s a short nap that truly relieves the pain. Or I tend to sleep longer then next day if I have been in pain the previous. I’ve also noticed, first with Hubby and now with myself, that if we consistently don’t get sleep, we physically get sick. That forces us to have to sleep and for me, I get better more quickly.

Then again, we all have lives. There’s work, kids, school, relationships, goals, commitments, church, and the list goes on. I’m finding that I have to make time for sleep and make it more of a priority than I ever have before in my life. It’s not an easy thing to do, but when I do, life is so much more bearable.

Here’s something I’ve found that really helps. If you don’t have time for a nap, and face it, do we ever have time for a nap? Try relaxing the muscles in your eyes. Weird, huh? But it works. It’s takes the longest the first time because it’s a matter of figuring out how to do it, but give it a shot and I promise it works.

Start by closing your eyes and relaxing all the muscles you can in your body. Try not to picture anything, just relax. Then move to your eyes. Of course that’s when all the images will start flashing, but do your best to shut them out and relax everything in your face and then your eyes. It’s amazing that if/when you get that to happen how refreshed you can feel afterward. Once you figure it out, I can get a good pick me up in about five minutes. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

Anyway, with this short post, I’m calling it a night because it’s been a week of not a lot of sleep and I have many more weeks of that. So snatch it when you can! :)

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