Tuesday, July 16, 2013


SNAKEWATER AFFAIR: A Spider Latham Mystery by Liz Adair. Great mysteries. Stay tuned for my review!

             “I know there was a problem with the mine at Snakewater,” said Jade. “It wasn’t as profitable as Dad thought it should be, and he sent Stan up to investigate.”
            “And what did Stan say?” asked Spider.
            “I don’t know. He never came back. The police say that he got on the plane to come home, but he never picked up his luggage when he landed. He disappeared.”
            “And the police have investigated?”
            “Well, that depends on your definition of the wordinvestigate. My dad doesn’t feel that they have. That’s why he wants to hire someone else to look into it.’
             When Spider Latham takes a leave of absence from his regular job as deputy sheriff in Panaca, Nevada, to solve a mysterious disappearance, it isn’t long before he wonders if he isn’t in over his head. Something is fishy at Brick Tremain Enterprises in Las Vegas, and from the reception Spider gets from a couple of toughs in the parking garage, not everyone is enthused about his taking on the case. Did the regional manager run off, or did something more sinister happen to him? And what about Opal, Stan Lucas’s sad-eyed wife? Did she know more than she’s saying?
            Snakewater Affair once again finds the affable deputy sheriff up to his ears in a baffling mystery.  Click here to order. 

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