Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AFTER GOLIATH: A Spider Latham Mystery by Liz Adair--Book Buzzin'

AFTER GOLIATH: A SPIDER LATHAM MYSTERY by Liz Adair. Another great one by Liz. Stay tuned for my review!

Spider looked first at the humble grave marker and then at the grizzled man who stood there with his hand outstretched. Just as Spider stepped forward to clasp Nephi's hand, the late-afternoon sun glinted on something on the cliff above them. Then something exploded in his head for a split second, sending jagged, multicolored laser-lines on a black background reverberating in his vision, like a thousand POW! signs from a Batman comic book all at once. Just a split second, the fireworks, and then all went black as Spider fell unconscious at Nephi's feet. He never got to shake the hand that shook the hand that had shaken the hand of the Prophet. He never heard the report of the rifle that sent a bullet hurtling toward him aimed right for the middle of his forehead.
When Deputy Sheriff Spider Latham finds himself investigating his second murder in six months, it looks as if someone would rather he not finish the job. Can he find the killer-before becoming the next victim?
After Goliath is the second of the Spider Latham mysteries.

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