Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review--Bitter Blessings

Bitter Blessings by Christine Mehring. This book surprised me. It hooked me from the beginning and kept me turning the pages. The writing was well done, and kept me wondering if I had figured things out. I enjoyed the characters and really felt for Megan and everything that happened to her. I loved seeing the growth she made, but wished the ending had a little more to it. It did remind me that even the hard things are in fact blessings, whether we see them that way or not. I look forward to addition books from Christine. I would recommend this book to any and everyone, especially to those needing a reminder that things can always be worse. :)

Here's a blurb and purchase information.

Megan has the perfect life, but when her mother dies in an accident, everything spins out of control. With the rest of her family falling apart, Megan must confront her past to uncover the truths that will keep everyone together. Thought-provoking and heartfelt, this book shows that even in times of trial, you can often find blessings.

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