Tuesday, October 29, 2019

THE LAST MAN AT THE INN by R William Bennett

THE LAST MAN AT THE INN by R William Bennett. For some reason, I had it in my head that this was more of a contemporary version of a man's journey to Christ. So I was surprised and intrigued when I realized I was mistaken and the story was set in the time of Christ. I thought Simon's journey could be and is similar to many of our own personal journeys in coming to Christ. The close connection his family had to the Messiah was beautiful. It really took me, as a reader, to that time and I could imagine myself there, learning along side Simon and his family. It is worth reading and will stregthen a testimony of Christ as well as bring thought to those who are unsure of what to believe. It is a wonderful story I would recommend to everyone. 

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Simon considers himself fortunate after securing the final room at the inn in Bethlehem. While eating his supper, he sees a younger man and his pregnant wife denied lodging at the door of the inn. Simon momentarily considers giving up his space, but he is weary from his travels as a spice merchant and turns away from the thought.

Over the ensuing years, Simon traverses the popular trade routes, and each time he passes Bethlehem, he is reminded of that evening and plagued by guilt.

In time, the Savior begins his ministry, and Simon begins the life-changing process of trying to understand and believe the teachings and miracles of this man called Jesus—said to be the promised Messiah.

The Last Man at the Inn is the story of a journey of conversion we all take in one form or another, told through the eyes and heart of a common man. It is written to affirm the believer, to lovingly beckon to the undecided, and to call out to those who may not even know they are looking for something—only that there is a space in their soul that somehow needs to be filled.

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