Wednesday, October 2, 2019


SMARTER THAN A MONSTER by Brandon Mull.  This book is pure genius. Every child needs to read this book. It will cure any monster problems at home. Not only that, but it will help with other issues like taking baths, cleaning rooms, and other things that will help children understand how to be smarter than a monster. I would say it's this year's book to read.

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Little kids have big fears, which they often imagine to be scary creatures, like monsters. But this book helps explain how knowing "Monster Facts" can help kids outwit them.
Want to avoid monsters? 
Fact: Monsters love dirt and grime, so when faced with two kids, the monster will choose the dirty one every time. 
And if toys and clothes are all over the floor, you may get ambushed by a mess-loving monster. 
Survival Tip: Take baths and keep your room clean.
Smarter Than a Monster will arm young readers with practical advice in this innovative and imaginative parenting tool that teaches common sense and positive and healthy habits.

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