Monday, July 27, 2015

LOVE ON A WHIM by Aubrey Mace — #amreading #books #reviews

LOVE ON A WHIM by Aubrey Mace. This was a fun, easy read that I completed in an afternoon. I loved the characters. I loved the situation, and I thought Henry's behind the scenes reasoning for hiring Rachel was perfect. I loved how Rachel's pride really came into call and she had to learn from it. The misreading of situations was perfectly real and I just enjoyed the book from beginning to end. I did remember wondering where it took place and when it finally stated where they were having to change my thinking a bit. I could have missed it and in the end it really didn't matter. It was a delightful, clean read that I would recommend for anyone who enjoys a good romance.

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Six months out of law school, Rachel Pearce is completely disillusioned by her job hunt. Despite pounding the pavement with her Ivy League degree in hand, her job prospects are no brighter than the day she graduated. Then in a chance meeting with a former acquaintance, eccentric young millionaire Henry Walker, Rachel finds an unexpected opportunity: Henry is looking for a personal secretary. Swallowing her pride, Rachel sets aside her law firm aspirations for what she envisions as secretarial work—mountains of paperwork and filing. But when she finds her most demanding duty to be daily cookie runs for her new boss, she’s baffled by her unconventional job responsibilities. 
As she’s pulled into Henry’s delightful whims, caught in a whirlwind of private jets and fancy dinners, Rachel finds herself inexplicably drawn to this handsome and charismatic man. But reality always has a way of intruding, and logic tells her that this adventure can’t last. When real life inevitably comes calling, Rachel must decide if she’s willing to trade in her dream of success in the courtroom for a chance at love.

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