Saturday, July 11, 2015

CONFESSIONS OF A MOM — #choosekindness #kindness

My heart has hurt the last couple of weeks. I watched my Facebook newsfeed turn ugly, mean, and hateful as the new legislation passed. The things that were said made me so sad. I wanted to post, "Can't we agree to disagree and still be friends?" but knew that my comment wouldn't be received well.

I truly feel that way though. I may not agree with you, and you may not agree with me, but does that mean we can't still be friends? Does that mean that hurtful, hateful things need to be said? I would hope not, but I was proven wrong.

It makes me think of what we are teaching our children. My thoughts turned to my boys and the world they will grow up in. Are we teaching our children that because we have differences we can't and shouldn't associate with each other? I sure hope not.

Part of me is wondering why it seems so hard to be kind to someone who thinks differently than we do. As a musician I've associated with all types of people. I have many, many colleagues who live a different life style than I have chosen. That doesn't mean that I can't have a relationship with them. I have family members who live a different life style, but I love them dearly and pray they still want to keep up our relationship.

I hope and pray that this post doesn't offend people. It's not meant to at all. I'm just hoping that we can see that we agree to disagree and still be friends. That's all.

Here's to spreading a bit of kindness all around, not matter if we agree with each other or not.

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  1. Well said- I agree with you completely. My life has been blessed by many different people with varying backgrounds, views and philosophies. We can and should be kind to everyone.