Saturday, June 6, 2015


I found this plant last week for an extremely discounted price. Normally, I would pass by something that looks like this. It's broken, beraggled, brown in some parts and it just didn't look healthy. I kind of rolled my eyes and wondered why they were even trying to sell it. I'm mean really, who would buy a plant that looked like this?

But as I looked at other plants I kept being drawn back to this one. Maybe it was because I felt a lot like this poor plant: broken, stressed, overwhelmed, browning, and just down right ugly in a way. In the end, I picked up the plant because I felt like it just needed some TLC and I was just the person that could do such a thing.

I felt lighter and happier as I purchased the plant and was exited to get it repotted when I got home. I couldn't wait to see how my plant would thrive with some TLC and positive vibes. I also got to thinking about how often we might feel like this plant: a little broken, a little brown, a little down and out, in need of some TLC. Who do we turn to when we have those thoughts and feelings? What do we do?

A lot of times I'm not sure who to turn to. First, I have a hard time admitting when I feel that way. I have a hard time asking for help. Second, I realized that I need to turn to my Savior more when I feel that way.

Another reason I bought the plant is this . . .

Do you see it? The little light green part at the bottom. New growth. New life. New hope. So whenever we are downhearted there is always new hope to be found somewhere. Sometimes it's buried deep within us or deep within the situation, but there's always hope. Then, if we nurture that new hope, that new growth, it will grow and develop into something lovely that will eventually take over the old, broken, browning part of us.

So here's my happy plant now. I'm excited for the new growth on it. I'm excited for the opportunity to watch it grow. I'm excited for the lesson that I was able to learn from this little guy. I am loved, but sometimes we all need a little more TLC in our lives. I hope that when we find we need it, that we'll be able to turn to those who love us, including our Savior.

And can I just say . . . How blessed I am. I hope everyone has a great day! :)

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