Saturday, January 17, 2015


I had a sad realization the other day. A friend of mine has a beautiful month old baby girl. She's so tiny. My first thought was how small she was and how she reminded me of Lion's size. Come to find out she was over 7 pounds and 20 inches, 2 pounds and 2 inches bigger than Lion. I've forgotten how tiny Lion was ...

On the other hand, I've learned with my headstrong Tigger that if I ask him to do something once (noting the good consequences and bad consequences) then leave him alone, he usually gets it done without any arguments. What I haven't figured out is how to make that principal work when there has to be a time frame involved. (Call me crazy but I can see taking him somewhere without clothes on, yet at times getting the clothes on is a struggle.)

Bear is almost 19 pounds and is as happy as can be. He loves to stand and his bouncer. He's watching Tigger run with much more attentiveness than I'm comfortable with. I do believe I'm in trouble. :) I better up the workout so I will be able keep up. :)

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