Saturday, October 4, 2014


Dreams. Living your dream. What is your dream? What have you sacrificed to make your dream a reality? Or have your dreams changed? Was it hard to let go if they have changed? Or do you wish that things had gone differently with your dreams?

This thought process was brought back to my mind this week when Hubby came home from a business trip. He had the opportunity to see a young, humble musician living his dream. Hubby was impressed with not only the talent but the sacrifice he and his family made to get him there. He was also impressed with how humble he was and who he thanked at the end of the performance.

At one point in time I had a dream of being a professional musician. I could have made it to, however, there came a point in time when I had to make a choice. Family or dream. Subconciously I chose family even though my actions may have stated otherwise for a little while. But I still have moments in time when I think of that dream and wonder . . .

I am very happy with where I am right now, minus the lack of sleep because Bear is waking up. :) Yet at times I really wish I had been able to make some of my dreams a reality. Maybe that’s why writing has become so important to me. Maybe that’s why the fact that I’m struggling to get anything written is becoming depressing. Maybe that’s why I don’t want to have to choose between writing and family at the moment. It would feel like I’m letting go of another dream.

Life is not easy and this is one of those things that seems to make it more difficult. How much are we willing to sacrifice? How much am I willing to sacrifice? Is there a way to have it a complete win-win? I’m not sure because life is full of give and takes. With those give and takes comes life lessons. So what am I supposed to be learning at the moment? I’m not a hundred percent sure beyond the standard patience and such.

So with dreams consently changing (at least it feel that way) I find it a hard knock sometimes when past dreams come to the surface again. Life is good though. Dreams are good too, but don’t be afraid to let them go and change them. I believe that’s part of the growth we have during this life. So go ahead and Dream Big! :)

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  1. You know what's funny, I have a post just like this one. It is hard letting go of dreams, but it is also fun creating new ones. Sometimes we have to adjust dreams to fit life. One dream I had was being a dancer which life took me in a different direction. Now I take a ballet class. Not the same, but it gives me the chance to do something I love. Sometimes it just takes being creative and allowing yourself a little me time 😃