Saturday, September 6, 2014


I didn’t think the weeks could go by any faster and yet now they seem to be really flying by. Bear doesn’t seem like he’s only three weeks old. It feels like forever and he’s acting much older than he really is. I’m seeing just how grown up Tigger is and as happy as I am about it, I’m not too thrilled at the same time. Then all of it is making miss Lion even more.

With Lion, it felt like once I had mentally wrapped my head around things and had begun to develop a plan on how we were going to take care of our sweet little one as well as Tigger, Lion decided it was time to go home. I think I’ve been a little bit afraid of that with Bear. Tigger and I took Bear to the doctor at eight days. I didn’t put my thoughts together until recently on that. In a way, after we took Bear to the doctor I felt like I could wrap my head around things a little bit better. Maybe it is because we got past the eight day mark with Bear. (Lion stuck around for eight days.) I’m not exactly sure, but I feel like I’m adapting better now.

Bear still has days and nights mixed up but I’m a little more okay with that. I feel like I’m able to get more into a routine, or at least attempt to get more into it. I’m slowly adding things week by week and I know that eventually things will fall into place. It’s an interesting, comforting feeling.

I also had the wonderful priveldge or attending the sealing of a friend’s adopted little boy to them for time and all eternity. I was in tears before I even got to the temple. I’m not sure if it’s because of the peace and serenity that is always present at the temple or if I was feeling Lion close by. I’m sure it was a combination of both. What a wonderful blessing temples are. Through those sacred ordinances I know I will see Lion again. I look forward to that day.

This has been a learning week as I’m sure each week will be. I’m still working on patience with Tigger as he is testing the limits of things as well as my patience in everything around me. I feel like we, as a family, are beginning the craziness of the holiday season early. So, strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!

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