Saturday, May 17, 2014


It’s been interesting as I’ve worked my way through getting to this trip I’ve talked about. The past week or so I’ve realized that I really changed my way of looking at things, my perception. That change in perception came about after I talked to my doctor about my nightmares and feelings and worries and all that other good stuff. I was told that unfortunately, those types of feelings are fairly normal during pregnancy, however it’s something to be watched carefully. In other words, meds aren’t the answer right now.

With that knowledge, I’m still monitoring things closely but I’ve had to develop a way to coup with things too. That’s when the perception change began. That along with asking for help from friends, family, and Heavenly Father. With that help I was able a comfort, almost like I was numb. That sounds strange to have comfort and numb in the same sentence but for me it worked. The numbness acted as a shield to those horrible thoughts and images and things like that.

From there I was able to really enjoy Reed. In a way I treated each day like it could be my last day for him. I made sure to pay attention, listen, play, and tell him I love him. I made the week a whole lot easier that I thought it could be. I’ve heard people say like it’s your last day. There is a really good principal in that. We shouldn’t let things like laundry, house cleaning, and other stuff get in the way of spending time with them, talking with them, telling them you love them because you really, truly love them. That’s what I’m hoping Reed will remember from these earlier years, that he’s special, that’s he’s loved, that he’s protected.

Now, I’d love to continue but my eyes are literally closing as I’m writing. I’m having to make sure the computer doesn’t slip out of my lap. So until next time try taking a look at things just a little bit differently. :)

Take a look at this cute video that gives you an idea of changing perspective. My sister shared it on Mother's Day.

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