Thursday, October 13, 2011

Book Review--All That Was Promised

All That Was Promised by Vickie Hall was set during the 1800's in Wales. I love being able to see new places in novels like that. Vickie did a wonderful job setting up the area and creating characters that I felt connected to and wanted to know more about. The first page had me hooked. Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I enjoyed seeing what potential went on during the early days of the church in a different part of the world. The conflict Vickie created helped propel the story forward and kept me turning the pages. I have to admit that the ending didn't feel like the story completely wound itself up. The characters had me vested enough that I felt cheated and let me down until I found out that Part 2 will be coming out soon. This book receives a :):):):) Here's ablurb about the book, links to purchase the book, and a link to Vickie's blog. Let me know what you think!

In 1847 Wales young Methodist Minister Richard Kenyon converts to Mormonism.

Richard's newfound faith is put to the test as he faces down the anger of his former congregation, his wife's

indecisiveness, the betrayal of his brother, and the murderous intentions of misinformed villagers.

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