Thursday, May 12, 2011

Book Review Thursday

Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer by John Grisham is one of today's book reviews. I expected a lot from this book because let's face it, it's John Grisham. Throughout the whole thing I found myself saying, "Is this it?" There's a lot of vocabulary definitions given by Theodore that I felt slowed the story down. However, in character, he's explaining all the legal stuff to friends who didn't know anything about it. This book is wonderful for kids and adults alike, if you don't mind a vocabulary lesson along the way. Here's the back cover blurb.

With two attorneys for parents, thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone knows more about the law than most lawyers do. But when a high-profile murder trial comes to his small town and Theo gets pulled into it, it's up to this amateur attorney to save the day.

Adventures Wanted The Horn of Moran by M. L. Forman is the second book in a great series of adventures. Alexander Taylor is called on another adventure with some of the same friends as his first one. I enjoyed the world Forman created and the lessons learned on the way. The mixed of all the fantasy characters i.e. elves, dwarfs, brownies, etc. is fun. I like the interaction between all of them. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good adventure.

The land of Norsland is on the brink of war as two men have each claimed the throne. Only the true king can sound the Horn of Moran and prove his nobility. But the horn has been lost for years. If it is not found—and soon—it could mean the destruction of an entire nation. Young Alexander Taylor joins a band of seasoned adventurers who have been called up to retrieve the legendary Horn of Moran. Their journey to the mysterious Tower of the Moon will take them through an enchanted forest, into battle against a goblin army, past the watchful eyes of griffin guards, and face-to-face with a sphinx and her deadly riddles. With his sword, Moon Slayer, and the wise counsel from his wizard mentor, Whalen Vankin, Alex must use all his wizard and warrior skills to slay a darkness that may consume them all.

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