Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Reviews, Kudos and Stuff

It looks like this is going to be a two part post because I only have about ten minutes right now. The first thing I wanted to make note of it, never put off telling someone you appreciate their example, spirit, and/or love of life. Reason being, we had a wonderful missionary in our ward for at least six months. I loved hearing him bear (is this the right bear? I never remember) his testimony and his quiet, simple manner brought peace to the hectic world. I kept meaning to tell him I appreciate his example because he's reminded me of things I need to be working on, but I never got around to doing it. Well, he went home this week and I never took the chance to tell him. Moral of the story: Don't wait. You never know what will happen and that person may be gone before you can tell them what you wanted to say.

Second part. It was the finale to So You Think You Can Dance this week. I watched all the dances and missed most of the last episode but boy were the dances fantastic. I was excited for everyone in the final three. It was fun to see the relationships that developed, how the dancers grew as people as well as in their art. The winner surprised me but at the same time I'm thrilled. Congratulations to Lauren! There are routines I would love to put links to from the finale show, but for the life of me I can't get them to play. So take a look at the website and enjoy!

To Be Continued . . .

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