Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Reviews

Today's my catchup day for book reviews. I finished two more of the 39 Clues Series, #7 The Viper's Nest by Peter Lerangis and #8 The Emporer's Code by Gordon Korman. This series is just a fun read. I love learning about all the different places Amy and Dan Cahill go. They learn to trust each other, they grow together, all while trying to stay alive. I still love the idea that each book is written by a different author because you get a feel for how each author writes. You have the same characters, with the same attitudes and yet you can see the difference in dialogue between each book. It's really fun. I know #9 is already out and #10 is due to be released on August 31. It's all very exciting. If you have kids or just love a fun read, this is the series for you!

Next is a book I've waited for for a long time. Rick Riordan's new series The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid. What a fabulous book I would recommend for anyone and everyone. I loved all the Egyptian mythology in there and I really liked the way he has woven a fun, exciting adventure around the myths. Carter and Sadie have great personalities and take turns telling the story of how they get sucked into a world with Egyptian Gods. Together they learn to depend on each other and are truly family even though they did not grow up together. I loved the lessons learned and taught about trust and the importance of sacrifice for the right reason. I can't wait for the next installment to find out how the next problem will be solved.

And last but not least Melissa Marr's new book, Radiant Shadows. I've always loved faery stories, especially ones about the true nature of faeries, not the Disneyfied version. This is another Wicked Lovely novel. Marr never takes the story the way I think she is. One book ends with a problem that hasn't quite been solved and yet the next book is about a character that has been introduced previously and focuses on that character. This story is about Delvin and his struggle to find his place in the Faery realm. I really liked how his story took everything into account and weaves in and out of what I've already read. He has a lot of hard choices to make and I enjoyed seeing the consequences, good and bad, that came about because of choices made in years past. It is a great read if you don't mind a little language.

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