Monday, May 10, 2010

Prop 100

I just realized I never explained what Prop 100 was. It's a proposed 1% sales tax for three years. The money would go to education and public safety if passed. Another thing I never mentioned was the budget cuts that are happening in education. Last year they cut something like $42 billion from education. That hurt but we all made due. Teachers were let go and some were hired back. However, this year, even if Prop 100 passes they are still going to cut another $45 to $50 billion from the budget. If it doesn't, it's something like $70 billion that will be cut. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

Teachers already spend enough in their classrooms. With these kind of cuts it will come down to teachers paying for everything in their classrooms out of pocket and/or parents being expected to pay for things like textbooks, workbooks, paper, etc. Not a good situation either way you look at it.

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