Thursday, March 14, 2019


JANE AND EMMA. I have heard really good things about this movie so I was excited to see it. I usually watch these movies with my young children. For this one I was glad I watched it first. They are young enough that they wouldn't understand everything that is represented very accurately in this film. It was a very well done movie. It did take me a few flashbacks to figure out what they were doing with the plot, but once I figured it out, it made sense. Many things I hadn't made the connection on. It was very interesting and worth watching.

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JANE & EMMA is based on the life of Sister Jane Manning, one of the first black Mormons. She returns to Nauvoo to find that Joseph Smith, her prophet and friend, has been assassinated. Jane spends a ceaseless night with his widow, Emma Smith, sitting watch over the body of the prophet as a whirlwind of loss and confusion leaves them wondering how either one of them will be able to move forward. Through the long night, Jane wonders if the prophet’s promise to extend the blessings of eternity to her has died along with him. The film explores the possible events of that night, including Jane’s endeavor to remain amongst the Mormon people and Emma’s struggle to cope with her heartbreaking loss. Poignant issues of racism and polygamy threaten to break their bond of friendship. In the end, will Jane and Emma have the courage to follow the path each believes they must take? 

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