Thursday, March 8, 2018


ASHES ON THE MOOR by Sarah M. Eden. I love Sarah's books and this one is no exception. The beauty of hard work and growth Evangeline displayed was so well done. I enjoyed seeing how Dermot and Evangeline's relationship blossomed through serving each other. The fiery tenacity Evangeline showed in working toward her goals is inspiring to anyone who is struggling with life. I couldn't wait to see how everything worked out for both Dermot and Evangeline. I would highly recommend this wonderful, proper romance to anyone who loves first a good romance as well as the growth someone gains from hard work.

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The life of an impoverished schoolteacher is not one Evangeline Blake would have chosen for herself. Torn from her home and her beloved sister and sent to work in the gritty factory town of Smeatley, Evangeline must prove herself to her grandfather, a man who values self-reliance above all else, before he will grant her access to her inheritance. Raised to be a lady of refinement, she hasn't any of the skills necessary to manage on her own nor does she have the first idea how to be a teacher. But failure means never being with her sister again.
Alone and overwhelmed, she turns to the one person in town who seems to know how she feels—Dermot McCormick, an Irish brick mason who is as far from home and as out of place as she is. Despite the difference in their classes and backgrounds, Evangeline and Dermot's tentative friendship deepens and grows. Her determination and compassion slowly earn her the faith and confidence of the skeptical residents of Smeatley, who become like the family she has lost.
But when a secret from her past comes to light, Evangeline faces an impossible choice: seize the opportunity to reclaim her former life and rejoin her sister or fight for the new life she has struggled to build for herself—a life that includes Dermot.
Ashes on the Moor is the inspiring love story of one Victorian woman's courage to fight against all odds, and the man whose quiet strength gives her the confidence to keep trying.

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