Friday, August 25, 2017


DOUBLE EAGLE DOUBLE CROSS by M. R. Durbin. I loved the prologue to this book. I was really excited to get into the story based on that but it took another 100 pages to recapture my attention. To me, it felt like the main characters were apart for too long (Charley in Oregon and Mac in Utah). I understand why it was done the way it was, and a lot of the set up with the mystery happened, but for me, I wish it had moved faster. Once the two were working together, it flowed and kept me turning the pages. It really is a fascinating story that I enjoyed reading. It's a fantastic suspense novel that would hold the interest of most people.

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After an unexpectedly thrilling summer with his grandfather, Oregon State student Charley Sawyer is ready to catch his breath at his late parents' Oregon beach home. Hoping for some rest and relaxation, Charley is met instead by devastation: the house has been ransacked. In his inventory of the damage, Charley stumbles across the item the trespasser must have been after, the only things that seems out of place: a mysterious key. And when he learns what it unlocks, Charley is drawn into yet another adventure with a ragtag group more than willing to help.
Mac Bowman, the brainy and beautiful anthropology student who joined Charley in his summer escapade, is thrilled when she is presented with the opportunity to conduct research in Oregon. Maybe a little time together will allow the pair to explore their feelings for one another. But when she arrives, she is disturbed by what she finds: Charley has disappeared without a trace.
As Charley and Mac each work to unravel their mysteries, their searches collide dramatically. Only one thing is clear: the moment he found the key, Charley unwittingly opened the door to a long-held secret—one that could cost him his life.

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