Friday, November 11, 2016

NOT A WORD by Stephanie Black

NOT A WORD by Stephanie Black. This was a really good read once I got into it. I had a hard time the first couple of chapters. When it settled into the main two characters points of view and I understood who the other character point of view was, the story made more sense. Natalie and Gideon are wonderful characters who are easy to fall in love with and understand their quorks. I enjoyed watching them grow. The red herrings were well planted and served their purpose well. For the most part I kept the pages turning. It is a great read that I would recommend to anyone who loves a good suspense novel.

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Psychologist Natalie Marsh is a pro at keeping secrets. She not only guards her clients’ confidences but also expertly hides her own pain after being disinherited by her dying mother. As fresh personal challenges begin heaping on top of professional ones, Natalie’s best friend, Camille, confides that she thinks someone is stalking her. Natalie suspects that stress, not a stalker, is shadowing Camille—but Camille’s fear only continues to grow when the widow of a local businessman starts whispering that her husband was murdered and a new client of Natalie’s seems to be concealing something much more frightening than her inability to stand up for herself. Soon a shattering crime proves the danger is real. But when everyone has something at stake, is there anyone Natalie can trust? Or will she fall victim to a killer who will do anything to keep secrets hidden?

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