Monday, March 28, 2016

SILENT STING by Clair Poulson—review/giveaway

SILENT STING by Clair M Poulson. I found this book very fascinating at the beginning. It quickly drew me into the story and the premise was very intriguing. I got sucked into the characters and their problems, but as the mystery unfolded, I found myself feeling like some of the scenerios were forced. Then as I was trying to figure out who did it, I felt like things were just being dropped rather than foreshadowed. Even at the end of the book I spent time looking back and could kind of see how a reader might have possible come up with the ending, but there wasn't a lot. I'm not one that likes it really obvious but at the same time I like clever forshadowing and I felt this book lacked that. It was a good read though, and as I said, the premise is amazing. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves a mystery with a bit of romance. 

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Catastrophe is looming over the Central Valley of California. The honeybees, vital to the economy of this agricultural epicenter, are dying at an unprecedented rate. The U.S. government is desperate for answers, and researchers at the University of California-Riverside are tasked with providing them. But when the professors assigned to the investigation are systematically killed by a creature that imitates the honeybees almost perfectly, it becomes clear that there is something sinister at play.
Following the murders of her mentors, it's up to entomology student Tiana Lambrose to move forward with the research. Special Agent Stu Whiteleather, part of a team of FBI agents assigned to assist in the investigation, is immediately drawn to the lovely entomologist. Together, they discover a breed of bees engineered to be killing machines, which, despite Tiana's expertise, are like nothing she's seen before. The question is, who could possibly have the sophisticated technology to engineer these specialized insects and for what motive? The perpetrator wills top at nothing to keep investigators from finding the answer. As threats to Tiana's life escalate, Stu must battle an unknown foe to protect the woman he has come to care for, before she becomes the next victim in a dangerous conspiracy.

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