Friday, February 28, 2014


First off I need to apologize for missing last week. I could list the number of things that went on, but in the long run the bottom line is it was Saturday evening before I realized I hadn’t posted anything. Sorry.

I’ve had several things run in and out of my mind over the last little bit, but nothing has really stuck. Partially because Hubby and I have been involved with the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration prep and that has taken up a good chunk of time. Not nearly as much time as others, but enough. Tomorrow that wonderful experience will come to an end. For anyone interested in watching it, will be streaming it live. You can also watch it @ 7 on channel 15.2. It will be pretty incredible to see.

The most recent thing to run through my mind is a conversation I had with a friend of mine. She’s currently helping out a teen by letting her live with their family. We ended up talking about when we all might come to accept certain things in life. I can’t remember exactly my response, but went along the lines of, “I don’t there are some things that we can accept in life but we need to come to the point of coping with them first.”

I’ve thought about that many times since. In this particular situation, a young girl is having to figure out how to accept the fact that her birth mother really doesn’t love her. Now I’m not sure anyone fully accepts that idea that their own mother doesn’t love them, especially when that is something that is sought after. However, there is a point in time where one has to come to a point where they can cope with that idea.

This idea spun to many other situations in life and I realized that most likely the first step in any hard situation is coping. One has to learn to cope with and live life despite that hard situation. Once we learn to cope with it and “move on” we are in a better position to accept whatever the situation is. From that acceptance comes the ability to let it go, forgive and forget, not let it consume life, and truly move on.

Now I understand that every situation is different. This process can happen over night or it can take years upon years. I also thought of my situation with Lion returning home. Where do I fall on this scale? Have I really accepted it? I believe I’ve learned to cope. I’ve learned to continue on with life. I trust in The Lord and His eternal plan. I have no doubt that I will see Lion again. Have I accepted the situation? I don’t know. I think it’s a continual learning process and every day brings me closer to where I need to be.

What are your thoughts on coping and accepting? I’d be curious to see if others think the same way I do. :)

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