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Libera Me by Christine Fonseca--Deleted Scene & Interview

Welcome to my stop on the LIBERA ME blog tour! I'm really excited about Christine's new book. Take a look at this deleted scene and an interview with Christine. Be sure to stay tuned for my review and your chance to win a copy of LIBERA ME on Nov. 15.

On 11/2, you were introduced to Lorelei from Lacrimosa in a new way, through a special deleted scene. You can read Part #1 of her scene here. Today, we continue that scene:

Deleted Scene – Part 2 of Hunted:

Lorelei froze for a moment before turning away from him, desperate to believe it was her imagination that spoke.
Cold hands grabbed her chin and forced her around, face-to-face with her living nightmare. “You nearly cost Aydan his life, Lori. I won’t let you do that again.”
Lorelei stared into the solid black orbs of the monster. Her eyes traveled to his jaw. Same intricate markings. Same foul stench.
            The Dark One had found her. “Did you really think you could hide from me forever?”
            Lorelei refused to break his gaze. Refused to let him see her fear. Drink from it. “I hid this long. Right under your nose.”
            He squeezed her jaw. “And for that, your death will hurt. But not yet. I need you alive. For now.”
            A wave of terror crashed in Lorelei as she wrestled with his words. She knew there was only one way for this to end.
            “You won't win this time, Azzaziel. Not with the angels here.” She tried to sound brave. Strong. “The Sentinal has probably already killed Aydan.”
            “Don’t you mean Elle? Your sister from another life?”
            Lorelei felt herself flush with anger.
            “Ah, again you thought there was something I didn’t know. Underestimating me is a dangerous game, Seer. One that has killed most of your kind.”
            Lorelei shuddered. He was right. They had underestimated the Dark One. But it was different for her—she knew she was going to die. Knew he would torture her, give her soul to his monster, have his demons consume her.
But that didn’t mean she had to go down without a fight.
“You won’t win. Not now. Not ever.” Lorelei glared at her captor.
            “Ha! But you see, little Seer, I already have. Aydan had your sister pinned. He will kill her.” His voice filled with pride. “And now that I have you, Aydan will become the most powerful UnHoly of all.”
            Lorelei shuddered. “How?” she asked, not wanting the answer.
“Your soul. It will give him immortality. Without the need to feed. And when I mark his skin, the Sentinals will be powerless against him. Only Mikayel can touch him. And I will make sure that never happens. The days of the angels are at an end, thanks to you.”
So that was it; the reason the Seers had died. The reason her mother had killed herself. The only viable option left. Lorelei knew what she had to do.
“Now, what shall I do with you, little Seer?” Azza ran his tongue across his lips. “Maybe another visit to your past. Just to pass the time.”
Lorelei tried to steel herself against the pictures Azzaziel ripped from her thoughts. Protect herself from the pain those images would exact. Images of her sister’s death. And her mother’s. The Dark One had taken everything from her. She wasn’t about to give him her soul.
Not to feed Aydan.
“You can’t stop me, little Seer.”
Lorelei gagged on his stench—rotting flesh, ash, spoiled milk. She struggled to breathe as the visions overwhelmed her senses.
A sadistic smile curled on his lips. He inhaled her anguish. Her fear.
Lorelei swallowed the images along with her feelings, and spit in Azza’s face.
He slapped her cheek and pulled her to him, coating her breath with his. “Your insolence is going to make this so much…sweeter.”
Lorelei gagged again.

The final part of the scene will be presented on 11/13 at Nomi’s Paranormal Palace


1.      What made you decide to become a writer? I have always written down my thoughts in some manner, but I never considered writing for publication until about five years ago, when the characters insisted on being heard. Since that time I may have felt some level of frustration with the industry and my level of talent, but never with the actual idea of being a writer. It is my vocation, my passion, and I consider myself so incredibly lucky to share my stories with all of you.

2.      Who inspires you? I am inspired by all of life around me. I find the humanity fascinating (thus my venture into psychology), and draw inspiration from everything and everyone—the mundane to the sublime. If I had to pick one person who has had the most influence on my particular way of viewing the world, however, I would have to say it’s my mom. Her creativity, strength and passion is something that shaped everything about me.

3.      What would you like your readers to get out of your writing? I hope that readers are able to take a ride into some emotions they have never acknowledged before. And I hope they gain insight into some of the scarier and darker aspects of the human condition. More than anything, I hope they have a visceral reaction—good or bad.

4.      Where did this idea come from? The idea for Libera Me came from the end ofLacrimosa, when Nesy is reborn as Nessa...at least, that’s what everyone assumes. I wanted to explore what would happen if the truth of her identity was in question; what that would mean for the rest of the characters and the story itself. Libera Me was born from that exploration. Drawing on the backstories in Mea Culpa and Dies IraeLibera Me brings the entire series together. This is definitely NOT a book you want to jump into without having read Lacrimosa and Mea Culpa.

5.      Who was your favorite character to develop? In this story, I would have to say Zane. Although I had a good sense of him walking into this story, telling the story partially from his POV enabled me to get so much closer to him. I’ll tell you, I am totally Team Aydan...but this story increased my love for Zane a million times over.

6.      Any advice for aspiring authors? Never give up, be flexible, and dedicate yourself to your craft FIRST—do those things and you will see your goals, your dreams, come to fruition.

7.      What can we expect next from you? So, so much. I am releasing another short this year, as part of the Winter Wonders anthology. 2013 brings another Requiem short in Jan, Dominus (the final installment of the series) in late February, the much anticipated Girl Guide ( a self-help book for teen girls) in April, a companion novel to my YA psychological thriller, Transcend in September, and parenting book in October. As for 2014...we’ll have to wait and see ;).

8.      Where can we purchase your book? Libera Me is available in e-format and paperback through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and online booksellers. You can also purchase the paperback directly through me or my publisher, Compass Press. 


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