Saturday, July 21, 2012

Internal Thought

I've been going through conference notes to refresh my brain as to what classes I have and have not taken. That's quite an interesting journey if you've never done it before. Fond and not so fond memories have been dusted off, and I've found new ways to use some of the things talked about. Here are my notes on a class I took about using internal thought to create characterization by Janette Rallison.

Using Internal Thought to Create Characterization
Reasons to use internal thought correctly
1. reveals characterization
2. reveals motivation
3. increases tension and stakes
4. is very often what editors and agents are referring to when they talk about “voice”
  • your writing will suffer and be weaker if you don’t use it

What internal thought is . . . and why it makes or breaks your book. 
What is internal thought?—The moment by moment thoughts your character thinks
1. Internal thought reveals characterization
  • write down 10 character traits your main character has
quick thinking, loyal, courageous, slow to trust, lonely, smart,
  • How internal thought defines motivation

can use it to reveal the subtle things
  • your main character is planning on stealing something. Get into their mind, and write some internal thought about why he or she feels justified in stealing the thing.

internal thought

Happy Writing!

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