Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Royal elf of Abalon Book Tour & Review

Welcome to this stop for the A ROYAL ELF OF ABALON  by Anna Del C Dye book tour. Thank you to Prose by Design for hosting the tour.

I love Anna's books. She does such a good job of world building. You learn so much about the elf's world in a non-info dump way. It's refreshing. In this particular book, I was drawn in at the first chapter. There was a mystery and intrigue that I had to figure out as the story went on. The characters were fun and lovable, and the setting was beautiful.

As the story moved on, I'll have to admit it got slow for me in the middle. The pace picked up and the ending lived up to my expectations. This is a great fantasy read for anyone who loves, elfs, humans, love, mystery, or just a great story. I can recommend it to for just about everyone.


The deep relationship between Amaria, the princess of Abalon and Marken, the chancellor’s son, comes to a halting stop after their kingdom is almost annihilated. However, death isn’t the only thing this battle brings. Elfs come to their rescue and, as a souvenir, take the princess home with them. 

Blinded by fury, the overprotecting queen orders the extermination of the mighty elfs. Her captains know they can never win, so they are pleased when Amaria intervenes so desperately that she loses her mother. The unprepared princess is left to care for a kingdom that will demand her true love.

A Royal Elf of Abalon is the stand-alone continuation of Anna’s Elf series. Once again she has crafted an exciting new tale full of jealousy, betrayals, and death. A Royal Elf of Abalon is a masterpiece created in the genre of Tolkien that you’ll love to the end.

Take a look at an interview with Anna, here. You can connect with Ann on her website, twitterfacebook, or her fanpage. To purchase her book, check out these links: Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, or Createspace.

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