Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

By Bonnie Harris

I've debated on posting something about goals this time around, but how can I not with it been New Year's Eve Day? My own personal reflection of the past year has really made me reevaluated my goal setting process. For the longest time, I only set goals (or at least wrote them down) when I knew for sure it was something I could accomplish. And "come hell or high water," as the saying goes, I would accomplish that goal. 

This year has taught me that may not be the best approach to things. Goals should be set with the mindset that somethings can't be controlled, and if something comes along that's out of our control, it's okay to change a goal midstream. That doesn't make one any less of a person or mean that the goal wasn't accomplished, that just means that life happens and adjustments have to be made.

I recently reviewed a book by Connie Sokol called Faithful, Fit and Fabulous. Connie talked about setting one goal at a time so we don't feel to overwhelmed with things. After a couple of weeks, add another to the mix, but if we do to much at once we can burn ourselves out. I really enjoyed her perspective on things even though it was nothing new to me. She gave me "permission," so to speak, to allow myself to make changes mid-stream. Or maybe she helped me see what I was already doing with my goals from 2011.

Anyway, as we approach a new year, I've been thinking of the baby steps that I'd like to take in all aspects of my life—with the mindset that I can adjust as needed based on what life throws my way. Here are some of my possible goals (which will probably become goals sometime throughout the year).
  • be less judgemental
  • cook dinner at least twice a week
  • finish another edit through my WIP
  • finish a draft on another WIP
  • don't complain about housework
  • keep up with my book reviews
  • do two blog giveaways a month
  • attend writing conferences
  • critic someone else's novel 
  • clean one room a week
The list could go on forever, but I feel like I can be successful at these, and they can be adjusted—if needed—without too much effort. So as you look ahead to the New Year, don't be afraid to set goals because you don't think you'll make it through the year. As you get into it remember they can be adjusted. They are set in stone. Happy New Year 2012!

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  1. What a great list. I love New Years for the sole reason of evaluating life and setting goals! Have a great 2012!