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Book Review--Hazzardous Universe, eyes Like Mine, Loved Like That by Julie Wright

Today's a threefer brought to you by Julie Wright, Hazzardous Universe, eyes Like Mine, and Loved Like That, in no particular order. Plus, Julie agreed to answer some questions for us. Those will be posted at the end. Exciting stuff!

Hazzardous Universe surprised me in a good way. I knew it was more for middle grade and sometimes I don't really get into those, but I loved this story. I loved the pictures too. Kevin Wasden (who has some incredible work himself. Take a look!) teamed up with (or the other way around) to work on the illustrations. They really added to the story. I loved the personalities of the characters, aliens included. It really made for fun reading. The plot was wonderful and I was surprised to see that it should be the first in a
series. I'm looking forward to the rest of the books. I would recommend this to any and everyone who has an imagination--and even if you don't think you do. :) It receives a :):):):):) Here's a sample chapter and a blurb about it.

Two kids, mob bosses, aliens, a secret society of magicians, and the missing books of the nine unknown scientists. Hap Hazzard and Tara Jordan are accidentally abducted by aliens and discover that the universe really is a big place-a place only Hap Hazzard can save.

eyes Like Mine was a fun tale about a gal her great-grandmother who came forward in time. They learned a lot about both times and how to cope with life. I enjoyed both characters and the concept. It showed me how you can take a family history tale and weave it into a story. Anyone would love this book. It also receives a :):):):):) Here's a sample chapter and a blurb.

Modern day teenagers, Pioneers and of course Time Travel. Where are the lost jewels of Constance Miles Brown? Are these women from different times so different afterall?

Loved Like That is one of Julie's first books. I enjoyed this one, but the writing isn't as strong. That's OK though because I love to see the growth of authors. I liked the idea and am glad I have found someone to love me like that. You'll have to read it to find out what I'm talking about! It receives a :):):):)

Love had simply escaped him-at least that's what James-a 32-year-old police officer-had decided. He would have given up on dating altogether were it not for the fact that friends and family kept setting him up. Then he meets Katherine, and he immediately is smitten. James is certain he will spend the rest of his life with her. Convincing her of that, however, proves to be a monumental task.

When he finds out she is already engaged, he must struggle with his personal code of honor. Is it fair for him to pursue Katherine when she apparently loves someone else? Or is it his only chance to be Loved Like That?

Now for the fun interview part. :)

What made you decide to become a writer?

Mrs. Brown in Seventh grade. One day she asked me to stay after class. I was terrified. I thought I’d done something wrong and was now in huge trouble. I trudged to the front of the classroom and said, “You wanted to see me?” She pulled out my writing journal and told me I was a beautiful writer and that I had talent. No one had ever told me I had talent, of any kind, in my entire life. It was a big moment for me.
Later, in tenth grade, another teacher told me I wasn’t much of anything special. He told me I’d never be a writer. He called my writing trivial. I started writing my first book out of spite toward him. That book went on to be published and won the best fiction award with my first publisher. So I guess you could say I got started because of others: one who told me I could and another who told me I couldn’t.

Who inspires you?

There are lots of people who’ve inspired me, people I couldn’t do this without, authors who write books I admire, but the person who is my greatest inspiration would be my husband. He balances me when I get too out of control. He keeps me grounded when things are going great, holds me when I feel worthless, yet never lets me give up when it gets too hard. He listens while I read my manuscripts to him, and he laughs and cries at all the right places

What would you like your readers to get out of your writing?

It depends on the book. With Cross My Heart, I hope the readers laugh, and feel a sense of fun and new love. For Hazzardous Universe, I hope the reader feels a sense of wonder. I guess I really hope the reader feels *hope* in whatever they’re reading. Hope in love, hope in life, hope in humanity.

Where did this idea come from?

The Hazzardous Universe came from the artist Kevin Wasden. He took me to lunch and pitched me the idea of a kid named Hap Hazzard who gets abducted by aliens and saves the universe. I loved it immediately. Only an idiot doesn't love the idea of a character named Hap Hazzard--so much potential!

Who was your favorite character to develop?

This question inevitably changes with what I'm currently writing. Right now, I am irrevocably in love with Hap Hazzard. He's playful, yet has good moral grounding. He's curious and gets into trouble, but he's quick to make it right. He's smart, but not irritating. He makes me laugh and because Hazzardous Universe is a series, I've been allowed to spend more time with him than I have with other characters. It's allowed me the chance to get to know him better than anyone else. Hap is twenty shades of totally awesome!

Any advice for aspiring authors?

Don’t give up. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. Giving up is easy; not giving up is hard. Some days you might have to make the decision to not give up several times. Write one book, work on getting it published, and then while you’re waiting for responses from publishing houses, get busy and write another book. A rejection really isn’t personal. It feels personal, but it isn’t. Of course it hurts. Cry yourself to sleep if you have to, eat your favorite comfort food, and get over yourself so you can get back to what’s important—the writing.

What can we expect next from you?

Hazzardous Universe 2 will be out in March. I also have a women's fiction releasing some time next year-ish called Olivia. It's a book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series I am writing with Heather Moore, Annette Lyon, and Josi Kilpack.

Where can we purchase your book?

It's least expensive to buy at Seagull Book and Tape, but for those who hate to go out to shop:
It's available on Kindle too.


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