Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Buzzin'--Cayman Summer

Cayman Summer by Angela Morrison is the last book in the Leesie and Michael Saga. I'm very excited to see what the end result of their relationship is. In honor of the Cayman Summer release, Angela is hosting and M & L Forever contest. Take a look. She also has an entire blog devoted to Cayman Summer. It's pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Snoop around and enjoy the last of our interview questions. :)

What do you hope readers will take away from your work?
I hope they will feel a lot of love. As I wrote CAYMAN SUMMER, post by post on my blog (http://caymansummer.blogspot.com), I was surrounded by so much love from my readers every single day. I think that love made it into the fiber of CAYMAN SUMMER. I think Michael's love for Leesie, in this last novel, becomes a new and different thing--mature, selfless, and inspiring.

How do you feel now that Cayman Summer is complete?
I'm relieved, but kind of sad. Michael and Leesie don't talk in my head anymore. I've got new books to write, new voices to listen to, but I miss them.

What was your favorite scene?
Michael is standing alone on a stretch of Grand Cayman's coast that is famous for blow-holes that spout water from the pounding surf high up into the air. I can't tell you what happens or I'll spoil the plot. But you'll know why I love that scene when you get there.

What is in the works for us now?
My agent is marketing MY ONLY LOVE, the heartbreaking historical YA based on my family history. I hope you all get to fall in love with Will Glover soon. I'm putting the finishing touches on a novel that is very different from my contemporary YAs but has the same type of emotional love story. It's a YA time-travel adventure called SLIPPED. If you took Jane Eyre and Mad Max and stuck them in the middle of Medieval Europe, you'd get SLIPPED. My anti-hero, Jag, is a rogue post-nuclear winter time-traveling assassin who has decided to destroy the past to save the future. Meg tumbles into the mix and has to help him--even though he wants to destroy everything she knows and loves. Watch my website and blog for news on both these books. I'm also working on a musical stage adaptation of SING ME TO SLEEP with Harriet Bushman, who composed the music for "Beth's Song." It's going to be amazing!

Where can we get your books?
TAKEN BY STORM and SING ME TO SLEEP are national releases. They are available anywhere you buy books. They are also both out in ebook form on all the major platforms--Kindle, iBook, and Nook. UNBROKEN CONNECTION and CAYMAN SUMMER are available on Amazon and I released their ebooks via Kindle. You can find purchase links on my blog or website.

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