Wednesday, February 9, 2011

work In Progress Wednesday

So I'm still working on my query, but I do have good news. I've finally managed to send some queries out! Now the waiting game begins, my absolute favorite part. :) Hopefully they won't all be rejections and if they are back to the drawing board.

But here's the latest version. What do you think?

While other girls take dance and piano lessons, Georgina Blackinsworth gets weaponry, combat, and assassination training along with “If this happens . . .” drills at the insistence of her dad. When Georgie’s dad disappears again, she thinks it’s just another drill. Not until she finds a letter explaining her unusual upbringing does she question if her dad’s gone for real.

Now as her friends focus on high school graduation, Georgie finds herself battling the stirrings of romance for her best friend Jake while racing against the clock. The only thing she knows for sure is find the family vault before her murderous aunt or dad dies.


  1. I like this version. It seems tighter and more focused. Here is to hearing from some excited publishing houses very soon!

  2. Thanks! I think I like it best too. I've gotten my first rejection back, but I'm getting a few out each day now that Reed's finally decided to take naps again. :)