Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Buzzin' and Book Review

Ok, so I'm way behind in everything. I'm not going to make any excuses, I just haven't done it. I have been hard at work on my book Encoded Secrets and am really excited about the progress. Anyway, here a book I'm buzzin' about and at least one review. (I haven't decided if I'm going to do more than one right now. :)

Save the Child by Margaret Turley is now out. It is about what a family does when their child contracts cancer. I
had the opportunity to help with the line edits and have to say it's a tear jerker, but a good book. Margaret and several other authors are having a book launching party on Nov 4 from 7-10pm at the Wright House, 636 W. University Dr. 85201 in Mesa, AZ. It should be a lot of fun, so stop on by and take a look. Here's a link to the book trailer and an interview with the author below.

Question: Why do you write?

Answer: I must. I am compelled to put my thoughts down in paper.

Question: Do you have a particular goal you aim to achieve with your writing?

Answer: Are the goals different for other projects?

Question: What is your book titled?

Answer: Save the Child

Question: What genre are your books and who is your target audience?

Answer: I wrote my book as a fiction novel. I felt that I would reach a larger audience that way. I am aiming for Parents, Grandparents, Law Makers, attorneys in Family and Health Law, and Healthcare givers.

Question: Was there a particular person or event that inspired you to write this story?

Answer: In 2003 I heard about the Parker Jensen case in Utah. I felt great sympathy for the parents. I have followed that case and others since then and started my project to write a book about parents rights to choose their children’s healthcare at that time.

Question: Tell us about the hero / and or Heroine in your book/s.

Answer: Nancy and Robert Johnson are the parents of Sharon Johnson – an eight year old girl who is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Nancy is vehemently opposed to chemotherapy, considers it poison. Robert is a law student and asks his professor for help with their case when CPS comes in and removes custody away from them and gives it to the state.

Question: Tell us about the villain. Is it a person, thing, or circumstance?

Answer: The villain here is cancer a vicious disease. The Johnsons are also opposed by the doctors and by the law.

Question: How do you discover the characteristics of your characters? Please elaborate on one or two of those.

Answer: I relied upon many of my own personal experiences and observations of parents in similar circumstances of patients I’ve cared for over the years. I also interviewed several parents who had children who have had cancer. I used the char

acteristics I observed and wove them into the characters in my book.

Question: Do you write your book from beginning to end, or start with the end or in the middle? Why?

Answer: I started writing my book from beginning to end. But I hit a major block, not being able to move forward when there were parts that needed to happen in the middle that I didn’t know how to orchestrate. After taking the Crafting the Character-Based Novel from Dr. Pamela Goodfellow I stopped trying to write in a linear plot based fashion and instead focused of fleshing out characters and creating scenes she taught us about in her uniquely designed Scaffold process. By doing that the story more or less took care of itself.

Question: After you wrote the book/s how long did it take you to get it published?

Answer: I gave the manuscript files to my editor last year August. So it is a little more than a year later now that the book is published.

Question: Who was the first person you told when you found out your book was being published?

Answer: My daughter Serena. I was so excited and she shared my joy enthusiastically.

Question: Where can we purchase a copy of your book/s?

Answer: You can order the books from my website: Save the Child. It will also be available through soon.

The launch for Save the child will be at the Goodfellow Book Celebration on Thursday evening, November 4th, 2010 from 7:00pm until 10:00 pm. Our event will be held in the Wright House Reception Centre on 636 W. University Dr. Mesa, Arizona 85201. I am one of eight authors who will have books in this event. We have joined together with our book producer Dr.

Pamela R. Goodfellow to form the group: Writers Unite to Fight Cancer. We are holding a silent auction during our event to help raise money for the American Association for Cancer Research.

Thank you for allowing me to share Save the Child and Writers Unite to Fight Cancer with you today. I hope you and your family will remain healthy and cancer free.

Margaret L. Turley RN

Book Review

Since we have a baby coming into our life we've been given countless suggestions and lots of advice. Someone suggested to my husband that we read On Becoming Babywise: Giving Your Infant the Gift of Nighttime Sleep by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, neither of which have websites of their own, but rather lots of sites that reference them and their work. With a title like that who could not be interested in this book because we all know that if baby is awake, mommy is awake. So we read it

and really like the principles found in it. We will try and it and see if what they say really happens, but it was great information either way.

I do have to admit that the first time through the book I became very overwhelmed. So my disclaimer is read it twice. The first time everything will seem daunting, but the second time around it becomes clearer and seems more doable. I think it's so overwhelming the first time because you already have a lot to think about and this is just one more thing, but looking at the principles it makes sense and I don't see why it wouldn't work. So take a look and let me know what you think!


  1. I wonder if the baby book would be more useful after the baby actually arrives and then could be just flipped through as a reference as a topic comes up? I read the book "Doctor Mom" that way. I think if I'd read the whole thing I would have become hypochondriac mom. So excited for you baby. You're going to be a wonderful mother!

  2. Hi, Bonnie! Long time, huh? I have been wanting to read more and had noticed on Facebook that you have written book reviews, so I came here for some book suggestions. I'm excited to be reading more -- thanks for taking the time to write what you've thought about these books!

    Of course I have to put in my two cents about Babywise. It seems to me that it is a very parent-friendly parenting method -- scheduling, predictability, etc. But it is infant unfriendly. The ideas in the book undermine the genuine biological and psychological need that infants have to wake frequently at night to eat, to snack frequently throughout the day, and to eat at varying intervals. This can be particularly dangerous for babies that nurse. I think that the authors have abridged their book in recent years from the first edition to account somewhat more for these infant needs, yet the underlying tone of "there's something wrong with your baby's instinct and you must fix it" remains. My friends that use Babywise seem to be less responsive to their babies' cries, particularly at night, and they tell me about how their young infants (4-6 months) cry for hours at night alone. Makes me want to cry :( Also, just one more thought: I sleep all the time when my baby is awake -- he nurses next to me in bed while I sleep! Then I put him back to bed and get even more sleep.

    Just my opinion and experience, maybe something to keep in mind. I have some baby-friendly book and website recommendations if you're interested!

    I know, lots of advice from a long-ago friend, but just so you know I care :)