Monday, March 21, 2022

THE VALET'S SECRET by Josi S Kilpack

THE VALET'S SECRET by Josi S KilpackWhat a wonderful story for second chances at love. You don't read a lot of regency books that talk about life after losing a spouse. It was very interesting to see the journey of both Rebecca and "Mr. Henry" and how they came together. There is nothing like a food secret to through a wrench in trusting someone. It's a beautiful read that anyone romantic at heart would love. 

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As a once happily married woman, Rebecca Parker had a good life, but now widowed, working for a living, and her only child grown, she feels invisible, tired, and lonely. That is until the day a valet speeding by on a horse nearly runs her off the road. Mr. Malcolm Henry is apologetic, gentle, and handsome. She’s instantly drawn to him, which is why, rather than stopping him from kissing her, she kisses him back, reigniting a nearly forgotten passion. But love at first sight only happens in fairy tales—never to an ordinary woman like her.

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